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Passport Renewal

These instructions should be used for applying for a new passport if you meet one of the following requirements: (PLease call first)

1.  Your Most Recent Passport

2.  DS-82 Application

Click here to create your DS-82 Application. After answering all questions, click on the CREATE FORM
button at the bottom of the page. Print your completed DS-82 Application on one side of the paper and

3.  Passport Photos

Two identical 2 x 2 passport photos (color photos with a plain white background) must be submitted.

4.  Proof of Departure

Send your travel itinerary or flight confirmation for a foreign destination issued by a travel agent or an airline.
If you need your passport within 6 business days or less, your departure date must be within 2 weeks, or 3
weeks when a visa is needed.

A typed company letter on company letterhead stationery signed by a company official is acceptable as
proof of departure for business trips. The letter should include the applicant's name, date of departure,
destination, mode of transportation and the purpose of the trip.

5.  Official Proof of Name Change If Applicable

If you have legally changed your name after your most recent passport was issued, submit an original or
certified copy of your marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court order showing the name change.

6.  Letter of Authorization

Click here to download and complete Letter of Authorization, which gives Easy China Visa the authority to
submit your application and pick up your passport. Send two copies of Letter of Authorization with your
original signature.

7.  Fees, Processing Time, and Payment

1).  U.S. government fee is $170. Make your check or money order payable to U.S. DEPARTMENT OF
STATE. Write your full name and date of birth on your check or money order.

2).  Easy China Visa service fee. Make your check or money order payable to Easy China Visa, and
 send it with your application.  We no longer accept credit card payments.

   ? 24 hours processing - $189                              ? 1-3 business days processing - $139
   ? 4-6 business days processing - $89               ? 7-10 business days processing - $49

3). Return shipping fee. Add $35 to your payment made to Easy China Visa for FedEx Overnight return if you
prefer not to include a prepaid envelope for return shipping. Service fee and return shipping fee can be paid
together by one check or money order.

* Return Shipping Option & Fee:
   1. * 2 Business Day Service, USPS Priority mail: $20; USPA Express: $25
   2. Next Business Day Service, Federal Express: $35
   3. Fed Ex Priority Overnight: $65
Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico: [USPS: $25.00; FedEx: $45].  Saturday FedEx : $88

** If applicatons require Urgent(Same-day) service or Rush(24 hours) service. The application must be received before 08:00 AM. You must send your documents using Fedex Prority Overnight Service or UPS Next Day Service only. Applications received after 08:00 AM will be processed the next business day.

Send all the above documents to Easy China Visa:
Easy China Visa
7001 Corporate Dr., Ste. 308
Houston, TX 77036








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